The New Cheetah-XLS... it’s here!                                                                                 Take a look at the first few spy shots.


The Cheetah is the versatile 3-axis Microlight from Rainbow Aircraft, manufactured completetly in South Africa.

Here is why the Cheetah should be your next choice of 3-axis microlight.

• Exceptional handling characteristics

• Sexy & sleek

• Inexpensive to buy and run

• Fantastic visibility

• Short take-off and landing
-> 100m & 80m respectively

• Long range with standard 100L tank   ->   500miles - 700miles

• VERY Spacious cabin

• Robust construction  
->   Rated and tested to 560kg +6 -4g

• Good suspension

• Dual rear brakes

• Wide range of engines and accessories available

• Outstanding payload  
->   Empty weight (with ROTAX 582) only 248kg

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23|02|2006 - Cheetah-XLS - The first “spy” shots!
                    While new data is still scarce it is official - New Cheetah-XLS
                   is here! Feast your eyes on the first few
spy shots.
                   The new model is now available for demo flight from our factory.
E-mail or call us on +27 11 817 2298 to book your demo flight
                   now.! Specs and more pictures are coming soon.

07|07|2004 - Cheetah Approved for PPL Training & Hour-building
The Cheetah has been approved by South African CAA for
                         full PPL training and hourbuilding towards CPL.
      Fun and affordable flying has just become practical as well!
                         Now even more aspiring commercial pilots can afford
                         to fly and build up flying hours towards their commercial
                         licenses and not have to sell their body parts to pay high bills
                         usually associated with training for a commercial pilots license.
                         With cheap operating and maintenace costs Cheetah is sure
                         set to become popular with PPL flying schools as well! No more
                         R10000 MPI's and R150000 overhauls!
                         From as little as R215000 excl Vat any flying school can now
                         afford a brand New light aircraft!
                         Contact our sales team for more information on 011 817 2298
                         or e-mail

29|05|2004 - 530 hours!
                   Cheetah CH-009 has reached over 530 flying hours.
                   The aircraft ZU-CUH, currently owned by Koos van Rensburg, was
                   initially a training aircraft, operated by Gary Authers @ 3rd
                   Airschool. After 398 training hours the aircraft was thoroughly
                   inspected by our technicians before it was sold into
                   private ownership and since then Koos has increased the number
                   of flying hours to over 530! The aircraft has since undergone
                   another thorough inspection at 500 hours and to our great
                   satisfaction still remains in excellent condition. There are no
                   signs of major fatique on the frame and sail.
                   We are confident that it will do again as many hours without
                   replacement of any major components.

19|03|2004 - Cheetah Kit Now Available
                    The Cheetah is now available in kit form. Stock volumes are
                   low at present, but we're working on it.
                   E-mail us a request for price list for Cheetah in kit form.
                   New page deidcated to Cheetah Kit coming soon!
                   Watch this space!

10|11|2003 - Cheetah with Jabiru 80HP engine
                   For a couple of months now our R&D team has been working
                   on Jabiru powered Cheetah. The project is nearing completion.
                   The first Cheetah with a Jabiru 80HP engine performed its
                   first test flight this past weekend. So far it was only tested for
                   for CofG balance. More test flights are going to be carried out
                   in the following weeks to produce some performance data. The
                   results of these test will be published as they become available.

05|08|2003 - New Pictures
                    Our Picture Gallery has been updated. Also available - our
                   photographic imppressions of the
2003 Kalahari Bundu Bash
                   and 2003 Jock FlyIn .


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